Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Today is just WONDERFUL!!!!!! i didnt really prepare myself properly for class.. as u know, i have chronic tonsillitis n just came back from a tonsillectomy. I had to do a presentation today as my housemates thinks that this act might bring me down!(haha, bitterbetter actually is for me to be positive!) okok, stop with accusing people. i had to do a presentation that i wasnt prepared for and I HAD COMPLIMENTS OF MYLIFE!!!!!!!!

"that was the best class i had in behavioral science so far! thank you, u made my day" harin, an indian boy from padang told me after class.

few moments after that i had a shower of compliments!!!!! wow!!! a few of the students told me that my presentation was lively and the best so far they said they have ever encountered. yay in my heart! i heart y'all!!!!!!!! this positivity shud be channeled in a good way so that it continues! so what i u guys shud do is be positive on EVERYTHING(everyshit was my initial idea) and this energy might just hit you to a swing of euphoria of success and joy!

i love every love that the world has to offer me! bye!

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