Saturday, January 16, 2010

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Friday, January 15, 2010

my nice shots!

i took these pics with my new d3000 n its kinda pretty so i thought of putting it on my blog n now it is on my blog at last! hope y'all like it as much as i do!

the first pic was taken in front of my apartment in cyber.

2nd one is prof nasa with syuk n salman during the dragon boat tournament!

the 3rd is my fave!!!! so vibrant and colourful!

my little brother with the party popper!

some orchids in sri ayuthia(or something like that.)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


i'm like sooo freaking busy with my drama production now. it's so sad that there r some bitches who makes my life so hard now!! we're having microbiology which is sooo freakin hard but i dont wanna complaint too much. i want to nail this project as well as my academia and stand tall saying to everybody else, " i did it! " cant be wasting my time blogging. have few REALLYx1000000 nice pics that i want to post but i will do that probably during the weekend. ok, signing off now! bubye!! heart y'all!

Friday, January 1, 2010


OMG!!!!!!!!!! its 2010 already!!!!! can't really believe it but its true!!!! a new year, lotsa achievements to have!!! i dont really get the new year feeling since i finish high school but this time, i got that tingle, that feeling that i know some awesomeness is about to happen!!

i started the year with some diarrhea this morning, hope that i wont have a shitty year. finger crossed. i about to finish my script already. i cant forget the purpose of having this blog. to achieve things that i havent been achieving in years!!! i'm gonna kick start this whole year with some greatness of my drama! watch out people! fit'ri's coming!!!!!

My new year resolution is to have my own E72!!!!!! didnt have the money yet but goin to save from time to time till i get there!

love y'all!!! have a great new year and definitely have a great YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bitter Day... ;(

Nothing bad happen, it's just that nothing good turn out to happen too. I did my presentation today and were told that I did not follow the text book for Yerkes-Dodson Law but actually i did. it's just that i added few stuff more.. huh, then during CHET presentation i didn't check my grammar properly.. i felt really disappointed but it's really my fault that i didn't contribute much to my group. tonight, i really have to finish my sctl and hopefully my script. finger-crossed! pray for me kay?!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Best Damn Thing

I just got myself ONE MILLION by Paco Rabanne!! The bottle is SOOOOOOO SEXXXY!! OMG!!! just love it every single way! i have a few issues right now with me, but hopefully i'll nail every one of it n then i'll go to my Nay-Sayers and tell them "I TOLD YOU SO!!!"

I haven't got my lap top back. So much for asus saying that they have the best service! I NEED MY LAP TOP!! i'm so going to bf to them if they didnt have it done by next week.

I smashed my phone the other day coz when i called my brother, mother and my house, NO ONE PICKED UP! so i got irritated and smashed that phone! now the bad thing is i just spent few hundred on my perfume. i cant be spending more right now and i need a phone... lucky me i have my other phone which has another number. but its ok. my plan is to get the new nokia N97, or N97 mini, or E71 or, E72. Ha!! have to save my money first!

Recently i got fed up with sharon coz she backed off the last minute, but then i think its a good thing coz it was a booster for me to think for a script that would shit on her face literally! and i manage to think of a script that can work like that! i'm soo genius! Can't wait to start the production!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dramatic DRAMA!!

I am suppose to be the director for this year annual drama in my college. Surprising enough, I have to do the script also since Sharon back off the very last minute. Whatever was i thinking asking help from that nasty person. I regret asking help from her. If i didnt ask her any help, there would be less pressure.

I realize that living in a non-ideal world we just have so many obstacles to reach our dreams. Dont even get me started with my Nay-Sayers who relentlessly negate very single thing that i do to try make wonders. I dont have to gulp all the negativity or DARK ENERGY as i refer it to sharon but what i really need to do is to really focus on the good things that has left and magnify it with all the strength that has left.

During my reflection i just realize that there is someone in my house that really detest me, the idea of me, and definitely my way of living life. Our mentor asked us whether we would want to join the drama or not, and he said NO! What a Nay-Sayer. All this negetivity would make a person crumble but i would want to prove all my sceptics that they are WRONG!

Despite my situation right now(behing schedule like REALLY2 behind schedule and i dont have my laptop with me cz there's a prob) i would want to make things turn out to be awesome. I want to write a DAMN GOOD SCRIPT and direct a DAMN GOOD DRAMA. Let my glory be a rotten egg smashed into the faces of my sceptics!!!!