Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Best Damn Thing

I just got myself ONE MILLION by Paco Rabanne!! The bottle is SOOOOOOO SEXXXY!! OMG!!! just love it every single way! i have a few issues right now with me, but hopefully i'll nail every one of it n then i'll go to my Nay-Sayers and tell them "I TOLD YOU SO!!!"

I haven't got my lap top back. So much for asus saying that they have the best service! I NEED MY LAP TOP!! i'm so going to bf to them if they didnt have it done by next week.

I smashed my phone the other day coz when i called my brother, mother and my house, NO ONE PICKED UP! so i got irritated and smashed that phone! now the bad thing is i just spent few hundred on my perfume. i cant be spending more right now and i need a phone... lucky me i have my other phone which has another number. but its ok. my plan is to get the new nokia N97, or N97 mini, or E71 or, E72. Ha!! have to save my money first!

Recently i got fed up with sharon coz she backed off the last minute, but then i think its a good thing coz it was a booster for me to think for a script that would shit on her face literally! and i manage to think of a script that can work like that! i'm soo genius! Can't wait to start the production!


  1. OMG!!! kau dh beli ONE MILLION!!!!! aku baru nak beli..dah tak hot dah kalau aku pakai..hahaha..

  2. Pakai2, nanti jadi hot cam aku! hahahahaha