Thursday, December 10, 2009

Being Better

I did what I said yesterday, I make myself caramel pudding! Yummy but at the same time it is not that yummy. I really need to learn how to cook properly. I think I should start to write my own cook book. I know how to cook lots and lots of food but I just never really do it properly. I think I should document everything. Hurm, lets make it after I finish my 1st year. Then I'll have 2 months of my own to write myself a cookbook! My caramel pudding didn't turn out to be a good one because I was drowsy all the time I was doing it. I have so much small(small to others but it is a big accomplishment to me!) goals that I would want to accomplish right now! Let me list them now:-
  • get an average of 3.5 for my cGPA
  • learn to speak French fluently
  • Have my own recipe book with a minimum of 100 recipes!
  • Be in my ideal weight by May 2010!
  • Have a GREAT drama that everyone will be talking about!
I think for the time being this is good already. I'll add more according to what I want to achieve latter on in my life!

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