Tuesday, December 8, 2009

In the Hospital

I did write a bout this the other day but my mum suddenly switch off the internet. Too bad, then my post didn't appear on the internet. I had a tonsillectomy yesterday at 0900 and haven't spoken much. i started speaking this morning to my little brother who slept with me at the hospital. I always indulge in food whenever i had any problem, but this time food is the problem. swallowing food was so hard that i can barely eat. It was so tough. The irony that happen is that even my doctor encourage me to eat. Well, atleast I can start losing a few pounds like this. Hahahaha. When i as resting in my room i watches this documentary from Micheal Moore. He was doing this comparison about this health benifits that people are getting in America, France, UK and Cuba. I'm so suprise that America had a lot of corruption in their health organization. The minister refuse to give free health care for his own personal gain. That is so mean. It is not like malaysia is any better, but most of the youngsters look up towards the Americans too much. In the actual fact is that they are not that good(or better) than us. We need to be determined to enchance the quality of the people in our country in order to upgrade the standard of our lifestyle. The suprising fact is that in France, the goverment provide ANY MOTHER with any amount of infants a personal assistant for FREE! This people then would do house chores even the laundries. Now that IS amazing. just hope that one day this can happen in my country. Adios for now. My antibiotic's effect is starting to kick. I'm drowsy right now...

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